The mission here at Play It Forward Athletics is to provide a positive,  competitive and learning environment through sports and academic mentoring, and to produce the best student athletes possible.  Our objective is to see that every young athlete who comes through our organization takes something back positive into the world.  Our hope is that he or she comes back to us in the future to pay it forward to the next young student athlete.

Because we are a travel club, it requires our athletes to be on the road frequently.  We seek  to provide mentoring and learning tools for our youth to assist them in the challenging world of club sports.  We also look to provide grants and player scholarships to those who may not be able to afford the cost of  what travel club sports can incur.

In closing as an AAU sanctioned club one of our greatest rewards is to be able to experience the joy of  of a young student athlete when they have achieved the highest pinnacle of success,  which is of CHAMPION.